Waldostone Farm Bloody Lobster Cocktail Mixer 750ml



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The Bloody Lobster Cocktail starts with a broth made with fresh Maine Lobsters. Each handcrafted batch contains over a dozen fresh vegetables and citrus juices and fresh artisan- made horseradish.

They squeeze the vegetables and citrus juices – carrot, celery, lemon, lime, cucumber, sweet red pepper, onion, hot cherry pepper, habanero, daikon, parsley, spinach, beet and jalapeños in a custom built hydraulic juice press. Not overly salty like most tomato based mixers, the cocktails are rich in vitamins and minerals and seasoned with a proprietary spice mix with just the right amount of sea salt to bring the flavors together.

They are thick and spicy and hold up to spirits and ice, though they are also enjoyed solo for a rich and spicy healthy morning beverage – perfect for Brunch.  This mixer is suitable for those on a low sodium diet and are naturally gluten free. No high fructose corn syrup or any other additives.

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