13-15 Wild Shrimp


Caught of the coast of Panama these large shrimp are perfect for shrimp cocktail or favorite recipe.  Previously frozen these shrimp are raw, shell on, with the head removed.

We gently thaw these shrimp so they are ready for you to use when they arrive.  If you would like a full 5lb box of these awesome shrimp check out of Fresh Frozen section.

Sold by the pound. There approximately 13-15 shrimp per pound.


Devein the shrimp as you would for any preparation.  You may leave the shell on or remove depending on your needs.  They may be steamed, baked, boiled, pan fried, or coated and deep fried.  Regardless of how you cook them pay very close attention to time as they will cook quickly.  Do not over cook as you will loose some of the awesome tenderness.


Keep in refrigerator after use.  As these have been previously frozen do not freeze again.   Use within 3 days of receiving.

The Freshest You Can Get Without Getting Wet

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