Let’s Get Crackin’ withMaine Lobster

Get more yield and value from Maine Lobster by increasing its presence on your menu.
Menuing “Maine Lobster” adds a value up to $7.22 per lobster dish.*

Prepping Methods

LIVE LOBSTERS: Hypnotize the lobster by chilling in the freezer for 20 minutes; lay flat and rapidly pierce the shell behind the eyes (carapace), which instantly kills the lobster.

FROZEN LOBSTERS: Remove from freezer 24 hours before cooking and gently thaw in refrigerator.

Cooking Methods

Lobster can be prepared several ways aside from traditional boiling. They can be steamed, poached, roasted or grilled; each method imparts a unique essence that elevates the flavor profile of your dish.

TIP: Remove rubber bands on claws before cooking.

TIP: If boiling or steaming, use well-salted water to preserve the ocean-brined taste.

Picking Methods

It’s easiest to remove the meat from the shell while the lobster is still warm. New Shell meat is easiest to remove and requires less effort to break the shell.

TIP: Remove tail meat by bending tail back and breaking off flippers. Insert fork where the flippers broke off and push.

TIP: It’s recommended to remove the green tomalley from the body of the lobster and the intestinal tract from the tail.

Why Maine?

Maine means responsibly resourced. Maine Lobsters are 100% hand-harvested from small day boats one trap at a time, to protect their quality and the marine habitat. Maine Lobstermen have been practicing sustainable measures for over 150 years; today these practices include:
  • Tail notching on egg-bearing females
  • Minimum and maximum size limit
  • Apprentice program
  • Limits on number of traps
  • Trap-only harvest method
  • Lobster seed fund