"moduleName": "shoppingcartsummary",
  "moduleDescriptor": {
    "templatePath": null,
    "parameters": "collection=\"cart\",template=\"\"",
    "apiEndpoint": "/api/v3/shoppingcartsummary",
    "objectType": -1,
    "objectId": -1,
    "adminUrl": ""
  "cartUrl": "/OrderRetrievev2.aspx?CatalogueID=292513",
  "itemCount": 0,
  "totalAmount": 0.0,
  "currencyFormat": "$",
  "countryCode": "US",
  "params": {
    "collection": "cart",
    "template": ""

Maine Seafood Market

Since 1946, Graffam Bros. have been shipping fresh live lobster and prepared seafood all across the country so that everybody can enjoy the real taste of Maine no matter where they live.

Order today and find out how easy it is to shop for fresh Maine seafood.