There’s nothing fishy abouthow we ship lobster.

Our Maine lobsters not only taste great… they can fly!

It takes a lot of know-how to ship live lobsters.

Shipping live lobster is not the same as shipping most items you buy online. Anybody can throw a lobster in a box. At Graffam Bros. we expertly package your purchase, and ship it to you using PeriShip®.

With every shipment, PeriShip delivers results that constantly exceed our customers’ expectations, particularly during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and every other major holiday.

By shipping with PeriShip, you get Graffam Bros. hand-picked lobsters, expertly packaged and delivered by a team of logistics professionals. If for any reason there is a delay, the pros at PeriShip will communicate with you to keep you up to date on the status of your shipment.

We understand that delivery is the last mile of your purchase from us. We are dedicated to a great customer experience, start to finish. That’s why we treat the packaging and shipping of your items as though it is the most important package we’ve ever sent…because it is.

Market Fresh Across the Country.

PeriShip services are trusted by the most discriminating shippers and receivers of food perishable products – including signature chefs, premier white tablecloth restaurants, world renowned resorts and casinos, and retail markets that offer only the highest quality. With PeriShip, we can ensure our products will arrive in peak condition so they can be enjoyed by our customers across the United States.