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Weskeag oysters are farmed on over seven acres of the beautiful Weskeag river estuary in South Thomaston, Maine. These oysters arefully grown along the river bottom for 1-2 years and will torpedo your taste buds! These have unique, strong, beautifully shaped shells, and plump full meats with a similar sweet buttery finish.

Storage: Live, in-shell oysters have a shelf life ofup to seven days in the refridgerator.  Keep as cold as possible.

Cooking:  Oysters can be Broiled, Grilled, Roasted, or served raw on the half shell.  If shucked they are great fried in batter or added to a stew.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in

QTY 1 Oyster, QTY 6 Oysters, QTY 12 Oysters, QTY 24 Oysters, QTY 100 Oysters

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