Pemaquid Oysters

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Harvested seasonally, Pemaquid Oysters are held in the cold, briny Class A waters of Clark’s Cove near the river’s mouth, where the oysters obtain their distinctive clean, salty and refreshing flavor.   Available from sping until the beginning of winter or longer.  Avaliable in Select (2-1/2″ – 3) or Jumbo size (5″-6″).

Storage: Live, in-shell oysters have a shelf life ofup to seven days in the refridgerator.  Keep as cold as possible.

Cooking:  Oysters can be Broiled, Grilled, Roasted, or served raw on the half shell.  If shucked they are great fried in batter or added to a stew.

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Select Oysters, Jumbo Oysters


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